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Who we are

R.O.C.K. (Rockhounders Outreach for Community Knowledge) was founded by individuals fascinated by the beauty and history of our earth in 2011.  We are a Non-profit Educational 501c3.  As an educational organization we are dedicated to the advancement of fossil, rock, and mineral collecting, and related lapidary arts. 

The charter members consisted of Rock Hounds from all walks of life that had a desire to teach and learn about something they all appreciated and loved.  R.O.C.K. started doing educational presentations throughout the community for the benefit of others and its first annual fund raising Rock, Gem, Mineral, and Fossil show was held in 2012.  New members and guests are always welcome.  Monthly meetings are fun and informative with great guest speakers, displays, demonstrations, silent auctions, door prizes, and refreshments.

  President:             Vern Rosenstiel
 Vice President:     Michael Dieter
  Treasurer:             George Ream
  Secretary:             Margene Assel

  All can be reached by email   at  RockhoundersOCK@yahoo.com  (Include the  name of the person you wish to address in the  subject line of the email)

​​​​​Rockhounders Outreach for Community Knowledge

  • To set up educational programs for educating youth and adults in geology and earth sciences.
  • To stimulate education of adults and youth in geology, mineralogy, lapidary, and related sciences.
  • To provide an education forum for the community through teaching the above sciences via public presentations to other charitable or civic organizations.
  • To establish on-going programs whereby individuals or organizations can participate in providing educational services to youth and adults in the Salt Lake City area.
  • To further the interest in collecting and cutting of gem materials, of lapidary, and related arts, and the identification of stones and their origin.
  • To promote the association of people with these same interests in common.
  • To share materials, ideas, ad knowledge of gem material locations.
  • To educate club members on how to show gems and gem materials, and to publicly show work accomplish by club members.
  • To arrange for field trips to rock and gem localities for the purpose of collecting specimens and educating members and invited guests.